Paradise Beach, Pythagorio Samos

Samos Pythagorion Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist

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What does a paradise beach mean to you? Do you imagine white sand beaches in Thailand or the Caribbean? Maybe with big, comfy sunbeds and Instagram worthy pina coladas? 

I won’t deny that those images come to my mind too. But if instead of the above, you stubble upon a beach where you’re met by love, care, and….a bit less comfy sunbeds. Well, then you’ve arrived at my kind of paradise beach. So before you hop on your flight to Samos, the most Greek(!) island in Greece: read these 3 reasons why, you have to spend at least one day at Paradise Beach in Pythagorio.

1. Genuine Service 

As you make your way to a pair of empty sunbeds, you’re greeted by a charming Greek with a smile wider than his waist: ”Hi there, welcome to Paradise Beach!” He tells you that you’re welcome to borrow their water gear, and explains where you find the bathroom and shower – an outdoor shower that looks like it was taken out of the Costa Rican jungle. The sunbeds may look like they’ve been there for a decade. But that’s easy to overlook when someone cares so genuinely about you having the best day possible, here on Paradise Beach in Pythagorio.

2. Lunch from a rusty van 

Have you ever heard the expression: ”the way to a woman’s heart goes through Greek love on a plate?” No? Okay, I might have come up with it myself here on Paradise Beach. But when you’re served freshly caught fish, you give a piece of your heart in return. They may cook your lunch in an outdoor kitchen, behind a rusty van. But don’t be fooled – it all taste delicious! Then also, ”mama boss” sits on a plastic chair overseeing every move 😉 

3. No wifi

When you need at break from the gazing Greek sun, it’s nice to sit down in the shadow under their thatch beach shelter. And then you just can’t resist… pick up your phone. Because the scenario here on Paradise Beach is perfect for an Instagram story, right? But when you ask if they have wifi, they’ll just tilt their heads to the side, smile, and answer:

”Honey, this is paradise, there is no wifi.”
You let those eight words sink in…..Then you lean back in your chair, take in the ocean view, and just allow yourself to be in the now.

In paradise ?


Samos Pythagorio Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Samos Pythagorio Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Samos Pythagorio Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Samos Pythagorio Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Samos Pythagorio Paradise Beach Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Thumbs up for Paradise Beach in Remataki Pythagorio, Samos ?

We’re gonna miss you


Camera: Nikon D750
Lense: 35mm/f1.8
Edited in Lightroom

A Hallelujah Beach Moment – Pappa Beach, Samos

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
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Picture yourself on a bike, riding alongside olive trees and vineyards. The only thing you hear is the wind, and…..???

”Baaa!” Right, the feta cheeses. So what do you say: you want to go for a ride? Good! Because I want to take you to Pappa Beach in the village Ireon, a 30-minute bike ride from Pythagorion on the south coast of Samos island. Alright, say 40 minutes. You’re going to want to take pictures along the way.

Pappa Beach – The Priest’s beach

Did you know that ”pappa” means priest in Greek? That’s right: no surprise then that the village priest owns the beach, along with his big Greek family, of course! Maria, his daughter, will probably serve you lunch (try the meatballs with tzatziki.) And if you’re lucky, you’ll also get to meet Maria’s charming son Nico. He studies in Athens, but helps out in the restaurant during the summers.

Not to mention Nico’s grandmother Evangelia – the priest’s wife. Have you ever wanted to adopt a Greek grandmother? You’ll want to after meeting Evangelia!

When you want to sit on a rock in crystal clear water and listen to your podcasts undisturbed

When you’re on vacation, you don’t necessarily want to plan your days. So, since you’ve enjoyed that slooow bike ride (and updated your Instagram story) on your way here, there’s a risk all sunbeds are taken when you finally arrive. But feel no stress! Just follow the path on the top of the cliff, and you’ll find a hidden gem – probably Pappa Beach’s most undisturbed location.

Pappa Beach is a very crowded, steep and rocky beach so, your core muscles won’t be vacationing. But who cares when it’s so calm and beautiful? In other words: it’s very couple friendly, but not optimal if you have small children. And service-minded as they are, you’re welcome to borrow water gear during your stay.

Did I hear a hallelujah? ?

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Put on a performance in their restroom/concert room
Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
When it’s so hot you can grill fresh figs on the roof

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Opa! ??
Grandma Evangelia

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Nico sharing his family stories in the the beach restaurant

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Pappa Beach Samos Stränder Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Follow the path to Pappa Beach’s hidden gem


Camera: Nikon D750
Lense: 35mm/f1.8
Edited i Lightroom

Beach Life, Ibiza 2016

Ibiza Beach Life

Written by Annika

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful! But a beautiful beach at a beautiful sunny island, together with your family helps. I think everyone needs a little Ibiza in their Life!

Älskar att Ibiza har små badvikar runt hela ön, det känns så otroligt pittoreskt med underbara stränder, kristallklart vatten och guppande segelbåtar plus en och annan yacht att vila ögonen på 😎

Hyr man bil kan man upptäcka nya ställen varje dag, och det bästa med ön är att den är så liten att det tar inte mer än ca. 30 min att åka från det ena väderstrecket till det andra. Bilderna här under är från Niu Blau Beach och Santa Eulalia.

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-10

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-9


Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-8

Tone it up with Malin  😛
These photos where taken at the beautiful Niu Blau Beach, located between Santa Eulalia and Es Caná.

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-5

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-7

Santa Eulalia Beach  

You have to embrace your inner Ibiza voice while you’re here, so why not visit Jeffrey’s at the Beach who has a pop-up-store outside one of the hotels, right on the beach (I don’t remember the hotel name though?). Jeffrey is an Belgian designer who lives in Ibiza and make beautiful boho dresses, beach bags, hats and accessories.

Max & Jane by Jeffrey’s in Ibiza Town – adress: 18 Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-11


Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-12


Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-19

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-16

She’s just a summer kind of girl  😉

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-20

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-15


Clear Blue Sky 

Bill Cunningham & Hannli Mustaparta

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-25

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-26

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-27

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-32

……but eating at Passion Café put both your mind, soul and stomach in a perfect and wonderful mood!


Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-28Don’t talk to me, I’m just here for the Pokemon 👿

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-30

Happy Food – Happy Mood!

Halloumi burger & Sweet Potato fries with rice flour crisp  😛

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-31

So the last pictures you’ve seen are from what is called Santa Eulalia Beach, directly in the resort of Santa Eulalia with its beautiful promenade. You can rent sunbeds, parasols, there are showers, restaurants, bars, shops and lifeguards.

Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-1


Ibiza Beachlife juni 2016-21

The tans will fade,
but the memories will last forever!


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