Sunset Ashram – The Most Instagram Friendly Sunset in Ibiza

Sunset Ashram Cala Conta Ibiza
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There are sunsets and then there is Sunset Ashram

The most Instagram-friendly sunset in Ibiza you’ll probably find here, at Sunset Ashram. And speaking of Instagram; be mindful about how much time you spend behind the camera! Because even if you’re dying to share this magical moment with your followers, you do want to be fully present in ”the moment,” when the sun sets and everyone starts to applaud – as a celebration for what’s for keeping us alive.

Sunset Ashram Cala Conta Ibiza

How to get to Sunset Ahram 

Sunset Ashram is located in Cala Conta, west of San Antonio, and you can get here by boat, car or scooter – parking is free of charge! But keep in mind that the spaces fill up quickly. And if you plan on coming here just to watch the sunset, a good idea is to arrive later in the afternoon when the sunbathers start to drop off.

Psst! Did you know that Ashram is the name traditionally given to a spiritual hermitage or a Hindu monastery? Or describes a place where a spiritual or religious guru and their disciples live? The term may also be used to describe the community of people who live in such a place.

Eat at Sunset Ashram 

Well, it’s actually the restaurant that’s called Sunset Ashram, and here you can enjoy a light lunch or dinner, and of course, a cocktail or two. Just keep in mind, if you want to eat in the restaurant while watching the sunset, you have to make a reservation. Otherwise, take a seat in the sand and just enjoy being in this paradise on earth….Namaste!

Sunset Ashram Cala Conta Ibiza

Watching the sunset in Ibiza

Camera: Nikon D750
Lense: 85mm
Edited in Lightroom

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