Ibiza – A Peaceful and Pittoresque Island

Ibiza Las Dalias Hippe Market Bar
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What do you mean peaceful and pittoresque?!

So you think Ibiza is only about the ”unz unz?” We hear you! But Ibiza offers you so much more…From beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, to hippie markets and pittoresque streets: Here are our 4 Ibiza must-dos your first time on the island. The 5th deserves its own blog post…

The beach life

From beautiful bays to wonderful white-sand coves – rent a car and explore a new beach everyday! And best of all? It only takes you about 30 minutes to go from coast-to-coast. Not to mention that most of the beaches in Ibiza are well-managed and more often than not, come with a cool beach bar. We’re in Ibiza after all.

Ibiza Niu Blau Beach
Niu Blau Beach

Ibiza Town

Pittoresque streets, shopping, and luxurious yachts – a trip to Ibiza town is a must when you visit the island for the first time. Mostly because of the breathtaking views on top of the town, more known as Dalt Vila – the old town.

But remember to put on comfortable shoes! It’s a steep climb and the cobblestones are slippery, especially in the middle of day when the sun is high. Also, pack some snacks since very few restaurants are open in Dalt Vila during the day. But if you come here later in the evening, we’ve heard there’s some really good places to go for dinner.

Psst! Did you know Eivissa means Ibiza in Catalan which is the island’s official language?

Ibiza Town Dalt Vila Brickstone Houses

Ibiza Town White Houses

Las Dalias

It was in the 60s that Ibiza became the popular travel destination that it is today. And during the 70s the hippie culture flourished on the island thanks to artists, designers, and celebrities.

To this day Ibiza cherish its hippie culture. And one of the best ways you can experience it, is at Las Dalias. Here you can buy everything from handcrafted jewelry, decorations, and clothes. Or, you can just have a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy the live music!

Ibiza Las Dalias Hippe Market Bar

Ibiza Las Dalias Hippie Market Live Band

Fish Shack

Fish Shack is exactly what the name implies, a shack, located in Talamanca Bay. At Fish Shack, you can’t make a reservation or have a menu to order from. As our waitress said: ”I’m your menu!” But who cares when you get to eat ”the catch of the day” on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea? Also, here you can feel free to move around the table and chairs until you find your perfect spot.

Tip! We recommend you come here for dinner and experience the magical, Instagram-worthy sunset. Salud!

Ibiza Fish Shack Restaurant Talamanca Bay

Ibiza Fish Shack Restaurant Talamanca Bay Seafood

Ibiza Fish Shack Restaurant Talamanca Bay View

Speaking of sunsets…..

Remember we said that your 5th Ibiza must-do deserves its own blog post? Well, make sure your camera is charge, because we’re taking you to Ibiza’s most Instagram-friendly sunset – Sunset Ashram.