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Hello there,
I’m Annika Lagerqvist and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden where I work at Front Row Exhibitions – an event and exhibition company I run together with my husband.

In my 20s I spent a couple of years in Italy and that time has affected me a lot. You know the Italians love their food, wine, fashion…And shoes! Just like me 😉

I’ve had the possibility to travel a lot to the US, especially New York. For me, it’s the best city in the world for inspiration and meeting lots of fantastic people from different cultures.

But I never say no to any travel opportunity around the world!

As you can see in my pictures I have a passion for fashion. Combining Travel with Fashion Weeks is in my opinion the best way to travel!

You may have recognized that I love to shoot from a distance, and I don’t mean ”paparazzi style.” It’s because I like when people are not aware of their picture being taken. Capturing those moments always tell more of a story, and the image often becomes more interesting! Sometimes so interesting that it inspires me to share a short, honest story about myself and thoughts about life. The kind of thoughts I believe we all have from time to time.

”A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Bill Cunningham and Hanneli Mustaparta during New York Fashion Week September 2015


Let’s Work Together

Today I travel a lot for work, which gives me the chance to do what I love the most – photography!
I’m always looking for new projects and opportunities as a freelancer:

  • Photography
  • Photo Editor
  • Blogger, Writer
  • Social Media
Let’s stay in touch, and drop me a note if you want to say hi!

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