26 Top Models off Duty at Milan Fashion Week September 2016

 26 Top Models off Duty
Milan Fashion Week

Guest writer Malin Lagerqvist

Models shine as bright off as on the catwalk. 

A couple of years ago, when Street Style was a new phenomenon at Fashion Week, it was all about having the most eye-catching look to grab photographers attention. Nowadays the cameras rather steer their focus towards a unique charisma that will create a much more interesting story, especially the models have become the subject of photographers attention.

Their personal style in combination with their makeup- and hair from the shows is a result of the fun and playful expression that has become the core essence of the ”model off duty” look. These girls always manage to put together the perfect combination of contrasts in their outfits – Romantic, feminine meets tomboy grunge, sporty influences and wacky patterns add youthfulness to classic pieces.

Then, that they are ridiculously photogenic is as obvious as the fact that the Italians cannot live without their espresso 😉

Emilio Pucci Show – La Triennale di Milano

1. Alicia Morais
Cap Verde ??

2. Julie Homaans
Netherland ??

Jil Sander Show – Via Beltrami Luca

3. Marjan Jonkman
Netherland ??

4. Jess PW      5. Odette Pavlov
Australia ??     Russia ??

6. Amber Rose Whitcomb
Canada ??

7. Liza Ostanina
Russia ??

8. Sandra Schmidt
Denmark ??

9. Naki Depass
Jamaica ??

Dolce & Gabbana Show – Teatro Metropol

10. Sasha Kishigina
Russia ??

11. Taja Feistner
Iowa, USA ??

12. Julia Van Os   13. Luna Bijl
Netherlands ??

14. Elsa Hosk
Sweden ??

15. Wangy XinYu
China ??

16. Giulia Maenza
Italy ??

17. Luping Wang
China ??

18. Waleska Gorczevski
Brazil ??

19. Isabella Ridolfi
Brazil ??

20. Vika Ignatenko
Ukraine ??

Emilio Pucci Show – La Triennale di Milano

21. Maria Clara
Portugal ??

22. Jing Wen
China ??

23. Kirin Dejonckheere
Belgium ??

24. Marjan Jonkman
Netherlands ??

25. Lineisy Montero
Dominican Republic ??

26. Sara Dijkink
Netherlands ??

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