How to Speak Italian with Viviana Volpicella & Scott Schuman

How to Speak Italian with
Viviana Volpicella & Scott Schuman

Guest writer Malin Lagerqvist

Love, Passion, bubbling feelings, and an accusing finger.

If there’s one thing we love about Italy, it’s listening while Italians are talking to each other – not to mention WATCHING them talk to each other. They communicate with Amore all the way out to their fingertips. Maybe one of the reasons why Italians are more romantic than the rest of us 😉

If you’re about to learn Italian, start by studying the body language. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, your body does the same.

Take a look at the photos below – I mean, Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist is not even Italian, he’s from the US, but being best friends with Viviana Volpicella after many years in the Fashion industry, also he has learned to let his hands do the talking. Waving arms, and while photographing from a distance (cause I didn’t wanna go to close ?), I think I heard typical Italian words like:

”Eh” ”Ahh” ”Que”!

Are they barking at each other???
Of course not! But it almost felt like they did for a moment.  So I’m happy that two seconds later they chat like best friends again ?

That’s amore!

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