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Barcelona Restauranger Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist
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Tapas, flexitarian, hamburger, or an Instagram worthy avocado toast? Whatever your tastebuds desire, you’ll find it at one of these 9 Barcelona restaurants and cafés in 2019.

1. Flax & Kale

If a restaurant could turn a meat lover into a flexitarian, it’s Flax & Kale! You do want to try everything on their menu, so don’t be surprised if you (like us) end up here three times in one week. And, since they have sweet potato ice cream, you can have more than one dessert! I mean, if it has a sweet potato in it, it technically doesn’t count as a dessert, right?

Flax & Kale Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Sweet potato never looked this good

2. El Mercat

At El Mercat, you eat classic tapas with a twist, and you can taste the love they put into each dish – the fried eggplant almost made us go into the kitchen and kiss the chef. Oh and make sure you leave room for their Catalan crème brulée – with a glass of the local whiskey. What’s more? Well you’ll be pleased to hear that the portions and prizes are generous, so both you and your wallet will leave happy!

3. 52 Café

There may have been cafés in every corner and still, we ended up at 52 Café several times. Why not try their Caffe Americano and “Entrepà Iberic”? A ciabatta style bread with Iberian ham that literally melts in your mouth (who needs butter?) Also, the locals seem to like the place as much as we do.

Barcelona Restauranger 52 Café Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist

4. Tapa Tapa

If you’re going to eat tapas on La Rambla, do it at Tapa Tapa. Besides their tasty tapas, the service is what impressed us the most. Like when the waiter was heading to our table with the ”coppa” bread, but the manager stops him and sends it back to the kitchen, because ”it wasn’t prepared well” he told us. When a restaurant is that attentive, you know they care about their customers. 

Tapa Tapa Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist
Gin & Tonic with Pink Peppercorns

4. Oassis Natural Cooking

When you find yourself on Passeig de Gracia but need a break from the touristy Barcelona restaurants, look no further than to Oassis Natural Cooking. Generous and flavorful salads as well as pizzas and burgers – all made with good produce. Not to mention; served in an Instagram friendly environment.

5. La Bodegueta

When your stomach is rumbling after a day’s shopping around Plaça de Catalunya, just remember: La Bodegueta. This tapas bar attracts both locals and tourists who want authentic Spanish tapas without the ”fuzz,” and the interior is what you’d expect: lots of barrels and bottles, old posters, and of course; the fluorescent lighting. Worth a visit!

Barcelona Restauranger La Bodegueta Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist

6. Lulu 

” Don’t eat yet! I have to take a picture first.” Poor father and husband…But who can blame us when Lulu serves up such an Instagram worthy avocado toast and golden milk. And since you ask: yes, it tastes as good as it is Instagram friendly. Did we mention they only use organic and local produce? 

Barcelona Restauranger Lulu Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist

Barcelona Restauranger Lulu Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist

7. El Corte Inglese

Can’t decide on which one of ALL the Barcelona restaurants to go to, because you don’t know what you want to eat? Then take the elevator up to the food court in El Corte Inglese. Pasta, paella, meat, or fish – you name it they have it. And you know what else they have? One of the best views of Barcelona! Shopping, food, views….Sometimes you can have it all.

9. Llop

You know when sightseeing has made you all tired and hungry? Then a burger at Llop is what you need. Do yourself a favor and start off with their nachos and guacamole, then ask for the sweet potato fries with your burger if you fancy them (you will fancy theirs, trust us).

And since you’ve taken more steps than your Fitbit can count during your sightseeing tour, don’t think twice about having their brownie for dessert. Yes, it’s smudgy and served hot. 

Barcelona Restauranger Llop Barcelona Restaurants Photography Annika Lagerqvist

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