Meet 10 Men on the Street Style Scene at Women’s Fashion Week Milan, September 2016

The Men at Women’s Fashion Week.

Guest writer Malin Lagerqvist


Express your personality through the way you dress.
More than ever before it seems to have become accepted even amongst the male community to experiment with your wardrobe. We’re not only talking a charismatic suit and tie combo. The men on Women’s Fashion Week are raising their unique style voice, exploring the boundaries of what’s considered masculine and feminine.
An excellent example of that is Simone Marchetti, Fashion Editor at La Republica, who’ve become a photographer favorite across the whole fashion week season.

And what about age?
That age is just a number has never been truer. We love how Antonio Manlio Nieto (the pictures above and below) is always radiating youthful vibrancy through his creatively colorful look still with the grace of a gentleman in his best years. Or the young guy Thomas Reichegger – the perfect example of that style has no rules and fashion is supposed to be fun, not taking it too seriously.

It may be the women playing the lead role on the street style scene during Fashion Week Month, but even if they’re standing in the center stage spotlight, the men don’t go unnoticed! In fact, in an orchestra of female stars, they sometimes shine even brighter than on their own Men’s Fashion Week ?


Antonio Manlio Nieto
Fashion Journalist and contributer for Le Temps Hors Série, who always bring the most stylish and colorful feeling onto the streets.

Follow Antonio’s passion for flowers and fashion on Instagram

Robert Rabensteiner
Fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue. Born in Meran, South Tyrol, Italy 1965, and has been described as one of the most stylish men in the world.

Read more about Robert in an excellent interview at The Talks
Or follow his diary on Instagram @robertrabensteiner

Simone Marchetti,
Fashion editor at He has a passion for bold prints and he really knows how to make it masculine.

Follow Simone on Instagram for more men style inspirations @marchettisimone

Thomas Reichegger
This German Fashion blogger always puts a smile on my face, he’s so funny and so good adding that little extra to his pictures or outfits. I think he’s one of the upcoming star on the men’s street style scene.

You’ll find Thomas on Instagram @thomas.reichegger

Photographer Adam Katz Sinding hardly needs any presentation.
Today he’s one of the biggest in his genre, and the guy we all look up to in the photo/fashion world.

Website Le 21ème
Instagram @le21eme

James Dean or Salvatore Cozzolino? 

You have to credit a guy who gives you his best poses, I mean, Italians know how to hit the streets, and Salvatore is no exception  ?

Go to Instagram @sacozzolino and follow Salvatore, who has moved from his hometown Napoli to Milan.

Are you tired of the average pictures on Instagram? Then you must check out Fabrizio Politi
Or as he call his Instagram account @misteruniquelife

His pictures are so creative, inspiring, and together with his writing they really become a unique and eye catching spot in the Instagram crowd.

 Graziano Di Cintio
Fashion Stylist who works between Hugo Boss Germany, and Milan.

On Instagram, you can follow @grazianodicintio and his personal style that has been shown in Fashion Magazines all over the world.

With a smile on his face Matteo Simonetti, fashion designer, and Malin Lagerqvist just making new friendship.

You find Matteo on Instagram where he goes under the name @mattwooster
Why Wooster? Because his raw model and the man he looks up to is none less than the fashion icon Nick Wooster

Andrea Cecchi and his sister Maria Sole Cecchi looking gorgeous in blue!
Their handbag brand Les Petits Joueurs’ is a huge success, cause of the playful Lego inspired style.

Maria on Instagram @lespetitsjoueurs
or Andrea @andrewlpj

All of the pictures above were taken during Milan Fashion week
September 2016

Guest writer ⇒ @malinismalin

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