Linda Tol – Seen from 13 different Angles, Milan Fashion Week September 2016

 Different Angles of Linda Tol.

Guest writer Malin Lagerqvist

Don’t let the icy blonde hair and sharp style fool you – there’s nothing cold about this Dutch darling!
Quite the opposite. The Amsterdam native and online influencer’s personality is as bubbly as Prosecco! 

As a Glamour Magazine Italia contributor, with Italy as her second home, Linda Tol embodies the elegance and playfulness of Italian style. That in combination with her androgynous looks – the signature style she has become known for, she makes photographers frantically click the ”like” button on their cameras no matter which Fashion Week capital she attends.

Being the respected fashion professional as she is, attending more shows than the number of espressos an Italian consume a day, she always makes time for photographers and fashion fans outside the shows. A generosity which I believe is why she remains one of the most photographed, inspiring and likable personalities on the street style scene.

I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves, because even when sitting on a bike stand this girl knows her angles, as well as your grandma, will claim she knows best in the kitchen!


Linda chatting with her friend  Lee Oliveira
Photographer, Stylist, Creative Director and New York Times Fashion contributor.

Follow Lee on Instagram @leeoliveira

Want to know more about Linda Tol?

Visit her website I Believe in Pink
or follow her on Instagram @lindatol_

The pictures were taken outside Jil Sander, Via Beltrami Luca, Milano
September 24th

Guest writer ⇒ @malinismalin

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