If my Yellow Pillow could Fly, It would Take me to Florence

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It began as a Poetry practice in a Creative Writing workshop I did recently.

We started the exercise by brainstorming objects around us. They could be in the classroom, in our homes, or anything we could recall clearly. We had to choose one object and describe it in as much detail as possible, and then use the words or ideas as inspiration for our poem.

If pillows could fly, mine would take me to Florence.

It’s early morning and I’m sitting in bed, cuddled up in a cross-legged yoga position. In my peripheral vision, I see the yellow pillow and it’s beaming on the white IKEA couch.

It’s yellow as a sunflower – my favorite flower! Why? Because it always makes me think of Florence which is a dream destination of mine!

I have this fantasy I keep coming back to, where I picture myself on the patio of a Tuscan Villa, soaking in the morning sun while sipping on a double espresso. A double because I probably had too much wine during a typically late dinner with my Italian friends the night before  😉

So what was the most important thing I took away from this little writing exercise?

Most of all, how amazing it is that this yellow pillow could turn out to be so much more than just a decorative pillow on my couch! And also, my belief that somehow we’re unconsciously drawn to specific colors and stuff associated with our favorite places and memories.

Whether at home by yourself or on the bus – be present to what’s around you! Because, sometimes our dreams are closer to us than we know.

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✏ Guest writer: Malin Lagerqvist
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