If I’m Clear about my Passion, then Why does it Feel so Wrong?

Street Style_Milan Fashion Week_February 2017_Dolce & Gabbana_Photography_Annika Lagerqvist_www.annikasometing.com

Written by: Annika Lagerqvist

They say success is connecting with action, but what’s happening when you’re losing all your energy?

Am I dreaming too big, or is my dream, actually not my passion?

I think passion, today is such an overused word. I don’t believe that you need to have a passion for making a successful life, but it is important to be clear about your vision because when you’re clear about your vision, you know towards which path you’re going. You need to know why you are doing the things you’re doing!

 It doesn’t matter if it’s about your business, your relationships, or saving money for your next vacation. Maybe you need to lose some weight, or you might gain some weight?! It all comes down to the same thing;

Be clear on what YOU want!
Not what others expect you to do!

A few weeks ago a well-known clothing company here in Sweden asked me to photograph at an event. But I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it, my gut feeling kept reminding me that this kind of shooting wasn’t me?! But you can’t say no when you get such a tremendous opportunity, can you? Anyway, in the end, they didn’t need me, because they already had another photographer, so they cut me off, and I felt so relieved.

I think everything in life happens for a reason, and that photography job made me realized and taught me that: what I thought was my dream, actually wasn’t, and at that moment it overwhelmed me – in a good way!

When life is challenging you, or we’re trying new things we all make mistakes along the way. We fall off, but that’s okay as long as you don’t quit! Maybe we just need to take another road, do it differently, that’s how we grow.

So stay strong, dream big, and remind yourself why you started it in the first place, imagining yourself standing on the finish line proudly and happy!

How amazing will that be?!

Street Style_Milan Fashion Week_February 2017_Dolce & Gabbana_Photography_Annika Lagerqvist_www.annikasometing.com
The pictures were taken in Milan during Fashion Week, February 2017, and note that they are just an inspiration for my writing, the people in the photos has no connection to my content.

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