My Social Media Break ended up in a 9-month escape from Instagram

Instagram Detox Annika Lagerqvist Photography Annika Lagerqvist

I just want to be free, so come run away with me  🐎💨

Have you ever felt that you want to run away from social media? Or just take a little break sometimes? I did exactly that. Which in the beginning was supposed to be a short break earlier this year, but it ended up in a 9-month social media break. And since then, I’ve been afraid of coming back again.

”Being afraid of what?” You might ask.

Well, during my social media break I realized how much I’ve compared myself to other Instagrammers, especially to the photographers who are taking the same kind of pictures like me. So by not opening Instagram, I avoided exposing myself to those feelings.

”But Annika, doesn’t that mean you’re running away from your fear, rather than tackling it”?  I can hear you say.

Yes, you’re totally right. All of those feelings are only in MY head, MY thoughts. But discovering them has actually been the positive part of my Insta detox. I’ve become aware of my self-destructive behavior and how much my insecurities affect me – my fear of being judged. That’s something I really need to work on.
But, this is also the reason why I decided to come back on Instagram again – to not be afraid! Deep down inside I want to share my pictures with you. I love photographing, and I like to add a little inspirational story to the photos ✍️

So before I end this post:

I would really encourage you to take a social media break now and then. Because even if you don’t struggle with the same issues as mine, it has another great benefit: TIME. You get time for yourself to do all those things you might have forgotten that you love to do 💕


Time is Precious and Life is Awesome

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The pictures in this post were taken in Barcelona in February 2018,
during the Mobile World Congress – MWC

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 85mm/f1.8
Edited in Lightroom